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How Long Does It Take to Become an Airline Pilot?


Becoming an airline pilot is no small feat. To become an airline pilot, several requirements must first be met. Several credentials must be obtained, licenses and certifications must be acquired, and actual flight hours must be logged. Then, the individual must undergo training in an authentic aircraft in order to qualify for their pilot license.


When an individual reaches the legal age of majority, they can apply for pilot license which will grant them the authority to operate an aircraft. To begin flight training, that individual must meet specific requirements. For example, they must meet physical requirements and also complete a psychological evaluation. International students may also need to meet additional requirements before being accepted into an airline pilot program.


Requirements to enroll in the pilot training finance program also include a completed high school education. There are some airlines that accept international students with GED's or even high school diplomas. However, those students must meet specific requirements before being accepted into the program. The primary requirement is for the student to have attained at least a high school diploma or GED and to have achieved a certain amount of hours of professional pilots experience.



Upon graduation from a four-year university, students will be required to attend two years of FAA licensed training. This training will help prepare students for their careers as pilots. The pilot license awarded is temporary and is good for a maximum of ninety days. After the ninety days are up, the pilot can apply for a permanent license. Once the pilot has obtained his or her permanent license, the pilot salary will begin to increase based on an average of the number of hours worked per year. Be sure to check out this website at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wv8WU8hegW8 for more info about flight school.


To request info regarding the best airline pilot training programs exam and application process, you can contact the local FAA office in your area. For more information you can visit the FAA's website. This site provides detailed instructions and helpful resources for students, parents, and instructors alike. The information can be downloaded free of charge. If you would like to register for a test or have questions about the requirements, you can visit FAA's online portal.